Triple Chocolate Brownies- Teaser

Too many things have taken precedence over blogging today, so you are stuck with a teaser-post.

I’m completely in love with the new camera. Taking pictures used to be a full-on production. I didn’t have a table in the kitchen where the light is best, so I would get out two buckets, a board, and a tripod just to snap a picture. I did it with only mediocre results in the end.

Now I’m living the life with a beautiful kitchen and a fancy camera. I plopped a few brownies on a plate, set them on the bar, and snapped a few pictures. Here is one picture straight off of the card (no editing at all!):

Isn’t that amazing!? Mmmm. I’m hungry just looking at them. Now that I have a camera all ready to go, I killed the computer I was using (half the reason blogging didn’t happen very well today). So now if I can just get a computer figured out, I’ll really be in great shape.

Don’t worry, I’ll share this recipe with you later.

Here are a few questions I’ve been mulling over-

1. What is a good general purpose lens for a Nikon? I have a 40mm and 50mm, but feeling like I need something with a range.

2. Is there a certain lens that people who take lots of house pictures use? I looked on Young House Love to see what they use and they didn’t specify a lens.

3. I got my first payment of $1.66 for blogging this month! I think it would be fun to do a monthly income report to show you all what is working and what isn’t. What do you think? Boring or fun? I wish more people would do this. I’m always so curious about what other people are making.

4. I need some kind of killer chore/reward/punishment/incentive board all wrapped in one for young kids. I haven’t seen anything that I like and I just haven’t come up with my own. I’m struggling to get my kids to help me (May wouldn’t even bake with me today, weird), and I’m sick of time-outs. We all need something fresh, soon!

5. How can I improve this blog? I feel like I’m working my tail off and not growing like I could be. How can I get more people here and keep them here?

6. How did you find me? Why are you here? What makes you stay? I wish everyone who stopped by had to fill out a survey. :)

7. How do you feel about watermarks? Should I start adding something now that my photography rocks (har har)? I just can’t imagine someone knowing that I exist, let alone stealin’ the goods. It may be better to take a few precautions though?

Well that’s all. Thanks for reading. I sure like you.

15 comments on “Triple Chocolate Brownies- Teaser

  1. TOTAL teaser! I’m craving chocolate. And I plan to read the comments because I feel the same way…can’t seem to get followers. But I just decide like I did at the beginning of the year I was going to post every day for myself and whatever happened happened. Sure, I’d love to make some money but if I don’t, I’ll still keep keepin’ on.

    Your blog seems like one people would pin a lot of stuff to pinterest with. How’s that working for ya? Are you using the “pin it button for blogger” on posts that are highly pinable like tutorials?

    And for my income report: sitting at a nice fat ZERO so far this year :).

    And by the way, LOVE the picture your new camera took.

  2. That is a VERY FANCY picture. It’s beautiful. I am excited to see what else comes out of that thing. I am not smart about lenses. If you can, go to a camera store, and check them out. It’s nice to check them out. We do have a 55-200 and use that occasionally but it’s hard to use it everyday because you are clear across the room.

    Way to start supporting your habit! This is progress! Rewards and punishments. I did make a jar with tv time in it. She would lose time if she did not stay in bed and that worked great. We are thinking of doing an allowance for chores. And Emma seems pretty excited about it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

    Now that Jason is off work, I am thinking of heading down with Emma some day, when we get Jason’s summer scheduled together. So EXCITED!

    1. Camera store… now this honestly didn’t even cross my mind. Maybe next time I venture into civilization I’ll have to go in and check out the goods. You are invited anytime, just not what I’m at Girls Camp.

  3. I’d personally consider getting a macro. You want super close detailed shots because youre shooting a lot of food shots and tight up close. I know someone who will give you a much more educated answer who loves to help with this stuff ;-)
    I’m not sure what makes blogs grow but a lot of blogs I follow I found through pinterest. I tried pinning some recipes on here but for some reason I can’t pin via my phone so next time I’m on my laptop I’m going to pin about a hundred of the yummy things I want to make on here.
    When you figure out that killer reward system let me know because I hate mindless threatening so were kinda a one shot and your out house and the time outs are getting old

    1. I’m emailing your sister as soon I make the time! That woman knows her stuff. Don’t feel obligated to pin… but I would LOVE if you did. It can only help right?!

  4. I visit your blog because you are SO cute! And I am in the middle of remodeling a house and you always put into words what I can’t :) so it’s fun to read. I also love before and after stuff, which you do a lot of. Plus you inspire me to be a better mom and homemaker. That’s why I read your cute blog!

    And something that has worked wonders for my little kiddies is date night with mom. We had a sticker chart that throughout the day I’ll tell my kids to put a sticker on their chart for listening, being kind, doing something awesome, etc. and once they get 15 stars I take them on a date (we’ve done motocross race, miniature golfing, dinner) they love it. It works great for motivation for the kids and me.

    Good luck! You’re amazing!

    1. Does this work for M? Is she big enough to “get it”? I think this is a great idea and I’m going to have to figure out TOMORROW. You are too kind though. You all should move to O-ville one day too! We could be besties with babies the same age.

  5. I don’t know if people will steal your pics, but I’m wondering if maybe adding a watermark with your blog name on it will get the name out more? Like if someone just sees the pictures on pinterest, they instantly know where it came from. Just a thought… I, too, suck at pinning things but I will do better in an effort to help get your name out there because you totally deserve it!

    1. You are smart! I honestly didn’t even think of that angle. I’ve heard that having a picture with the title of the recipe on it is 40% more likely to be repinned too. Interesting. Thanks for the idea. No pressure to pin… but I’d love for you to do it when you think of it!

  6. I always find new blogs that guest post on blogs I already read, like U-create Crafts, or Make It Love It, or Thrifty Decor Chick. Those are the ones I read regularly (and yours of course!), but whenever I see a guest post on theirs that I like, I go and peruse that other blog for a bit. Helpful, maybe? No? Congrats on your camera!! Someday I will graduate from my little $70 Sony Cyber Shot.

  7. Hi Melissa! I love your blog and found you because you commented on my blog! I’ve been reading through your older posts and love everything you share. I’ll be sure to start pinning your images on Pinterest. Hopefully this will help generate traffic! Best of luck!

    Oh! You’ll have to do an update on how monetizing is going. I have also been curious how this works!

  8. How did you find me? …….I googled how to freeze bananas…..poof there you were.
    Why are you here? ……..I don’t want to do the dishes or the laundry right now.
    What makes you stay?…….You crack me up, you make me smile, you make me hungry.
    Happy day!!