Wizard of Oz Themed Party Treats

We had a Girls Camp Kickoff this week to introduce the girls to the theme of camp this summer and to get them excited. We did a skit for them, played last year’s video, made a camp craft, and had treats. I hope the girls are as excited as we leaders are. Girls Camp rocks!
The theme for this year is “There’s no Place like Home” based on the Wizard of Oz with the analogy of going back to our heavenly home and getting back to that home by righteous living. The Wizard of Oz is such a fun theme to work with! The ideas have been flowing and we have some great things planned for camp.
I just thought I’d share the cute yet simple food we had for our Camp Kickoff night.
Yellow Bricks- yellow tinted Rice Krispie treats

Wicked Witch Fingernails (or they could be mini tornados) – Bugles

Cowardly Lion Manes- orange slices

We also had some Ruby Red Punch which was a raspberry apple juice.
Simple and quick, yet cute and fun.

2 comments on “Wizard of Oz Themed Party Treats

  1. I love this! When I was in young women’s we also had the “There’s No Place Like Home” theme for our girls. We did skits and songs to the music of Wizard of Oz but with different words, and our devotionals were focused on courage, love (heart), and knowledge (brain), as well as home (heaven). It was great, other than the fact that I loathe camping.