The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

My friend Holly is a great party planner! She did a Very Hungry Caterpillar party for her son’s first birthday. I just loved how it turned out and she was kind enough to let me share her pictures with you. When Holly isn’t busy with her boys she’s working out of her home. She and her husband make and sell picture boards. Check out their handiwork at The Picture
Now on to the party!
Very Hungry Caterpillar Cake instructions for the cake are HERE:
 Very Hungry Caterpillar Party cake
This is Holly’s original idea. She made a caterpillar wall decoration with twelve pictures of the Birthday Boy, one picture from every month of his life. I just thought this was so thoughtful and it turned out great!
 Very Hungry Caterpillar Party decorations
Very Hungry Caterpillar from balloons. So easy but it makes such a statement!
 Very Hungry Caterpillar Party decorations

Apple cupcakes, complete with worm sticking out of a few.

 Very Hungry Caterpillar Party food, apple cupcakes

The food was just too cute! The food and little signs go with the book. Printable food labels and more Very Hungry Caterpillar Parties ideas can be found HERE.

 Very Hungry Caterpillar Party food labels,  Very Hungry Caterpillar Party free printables

The spread with the the picture and cake caterpillar in the background:

 Very Hungry Caterpillar Party food
Holly is also a ninja at photoshop! She whipped up this Very Hungry Caterpillar design for a onsie and the invitations that she sent out.
 Very Hungry Caterpillar Party outfit

Such a cute idea.

 Very Hungry Caterpillar Party,  Very Hungry Caterpillar Party invitation ideas
Thanks again for letting me post the pictures Holly.

29 comments on “The Very Hungry Caterpillar Party

  1. Hi! I’m doing a very hungry caterpillar theme for my soon-to-be 1 year old and I love the caterpillar banner with a picture of each month of their 1st year! I’m wondering what you used to cut the paper in perfect circles, and what size are the circles? Thanks! :)

    1. Let me figure it out and get back to you! (it’s a friend’s party, not mine, so I know all her secrets but I’ll ask!)

    2. Ok, she said they were just the general size that would fit a 5×7 picture somewhat well, so about 5 inches across or a hair smaller. They were traced and then cute with scissors. Does that help? Thanks! M.

        1. She should… I think it’s just a PS file though so the image off the blog would be just about the same! Good luck

          1. Hi Melissa!
            I love this caterpillar themed birthday idea. I am planning my son’s first birthday party and would like to order these invitations. Does your friend still sell them? I tried to click on the (The Picture blog above but it’s not working. Thanks!

          2. I know she doesn’t sell them anymore… sad day huh! If you are doing the party/invites for personal use you are more than welcome to copy and paste the picture and tweek it in PS if you’d like. Good luck! M.

          3. Hi Melissa,
            I am trying to alter the invites like you suggested. Do you have any idea what font your friend used? Thanks!

  2. I’m going g to be making the balloon for my little boys party this coming up weekend
    How did you make the paper eyes stick to the balloon to make it stay on the whole time? I’m scared whatever I try its gonna fall off
    The antennas too!!! ???

  3. Absolutely AMAZING! Would you kindly ask your friend if she has the file for the invitation – it is awesome (and there is no way I could create something like that!)

  4. Absolutely AMAZING! Would you kindly ask your friend if she has the file for the invitation – it is awesome (and there is no way I could create something like that!)